Rustic Reclaimed Wood and Rusted Steel Woodburned Mirror 19"x49"

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One of a kind rustic reclaimed wood and rusted steel mirror, handcrafted in Boston, MA. This piece uses individually hand-dyed wooden pieces in deep reds and oranges to give the mirror an incredible depth and range of color. Using a torch, each piece is lightly woodburned to bring out the beautiful and unique grain pattern. Rich reclaimed wood from a 19th century pier in East Boston is incorporated, along with rusted steel and wooden pegs, to give the piece a truly unique look. The entire mirror measures 49"x19", and has hardware to hang either vertically or horizontally, or simply lean against the wall as pictured. The dimensions of the mirror glass itself are 36" tall x 9" wide.

Please note that this is a made-to-order item, and these photos are of a sold order. However, we will recreate the look and feel of this piece as accurately as possible.

We'd love to work with you on a custom order or any one of our other unique rustic and reclaimed wood decor. Please reach out to us with your ideas for a custom color, size, etc. Cheers!