Rustic Turquoise & Orange Reclaimed Wood and Rusted Steel Woodburned Mirror 19"x49"

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One of a kind rustic reclaimed wood and rusted steel mirror, handcrafted in Boston, MA. This piece uses individually hand-dyed wooden pieces in turquoise, maroon, orange and blue to give the mirror an incredible depth and range of color. Using a torch, each piece is lightly woodburned to bring out the beautiful and unique grain pattern. Rich reclaimed wood from a 19th century pier in East Boston is incorporated, along with rusted steel and wooden pegs, to give the piece a truly unique look. The entire mirror measures 49"x19". The dimensions of the mirror glass itself are 36" tall x 9" wide.

We'd love to work with you on a custom order or any one of our other unique rustic and reclaimed wood decor. Please reach out to us with your ideas for a custom color, size, etc. Cheers!